We Need Your Voice!


Louisiana is known across the globe as Sportsman’s Paradise, but it has a dirty little secret. Louisiana is about the only State in the Union that has laws that allow some “land owners” to claim ownership to the surface rights of the Public Trust – flowing water.

Sportsman all across Louisiana are confronted daily with waterways that have been gated off by makeshift gates made of cables, gates, old oilfield pipes and any other makeshift obstruction that an individual can use to deny access to the waterway and claim the waterway as being privately owned. These gates present navigation hazards, entrap fish, shrimp, crabs and other wildlife (the public resource) for the private use of a landowner. Gated waterways inhibit commerce and present an extreme navigation hazard as they fall into dilapidated states, leaving obstructions in the waterways.

Louisiana Sportsmen Coalition (LaSC) was formed as a means to bring all user groups and individuals together to speak as a unified voice. We want to affect legislation, to open our waterways to rightful access, to prevent the illegal gating of the public trust and protect your right to use the public trust.

We encourage you to join so that we can have your voice when the time comes that we need to speak for your access. We also encourage you to report the gating of any waterway as most of this activity is conducted without permits and is illegal.

Join the movement now so that we can fight to protect our rightful access and assure the access for our children and grandchildren so that they can enjoy all that Louisiana has to offer.

Help keep Louisiana the Sportsman’s Paradise.